In The Eye Entertainment
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Today is: July 23, 2014

When In The Eye Entertainment was launched in 2002, the mission behind the company was to create a strong local scene. Owner and CEO Monica Slazinski-Vezina had a strong vision for local artists as well as uniting the south Florida music scene. It was the goal of In The Eye to generate support for talented yet unknown artists in a languid music scene.

With that promise, In The Eye Entertainment has worked with local performers for over seven years striving to make underdogs shine in the spotlight. In The Eye has shared enormous successes and numerous live events with its selected roster of exclusive artists.

With time comes change and in October 2006, In The Eye changed focus. The dedication and admiration for the local scene and its performers is still present.The support for the unknown artist is still In The Eye's main goal, however the means of conquering the spotlight have changed. In The Eye works behind the scenes with local talents, we no longer manage individual local acts. We now provide the specialized artist services that can put a professional face on a musical career.

An artist can perform thousands of shows, but if that performer is not professional, organized or has the right tools to move beyond the local scene they never will. In The Eye can get a musical career to the next level. Whether an artist needs an organized street team or mailing list, questions about music copyright, designing press kits, media coverage, material critiques, or even radio and promotional campaigns; In The Eye has your back with our extensive variety of artist services.

In The Eye proudly introduced its professional rehearsal room in late 2007. This rehearsal room offers a creative and private atmosphere for a performer at a practical price. We believe that local talent should have the same resources as a national act and should be treated as such. In The Eye Entertainment supports local music and those who have the genius to create it.